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Landscape Supplies Near You

T-Cat Inc is the number one landscape supply business in the area that businesses trust in order to provide the best, and most reliable, landscape supplies in Illinois!  We have the materials you need to complete all the jobs you have.  

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When your business is trying to complete your client's landscape design project, you need a service you can rely on.  Trumbull is here for you today.  We can provide you with: 

  • Stone
  • Gravel 
  • Sand
  • Salt 
  • Dirt 
  • Clay
  • Topsoil
  • Blackdirt
  • CA 6 
  • Grade 8 
  •             and many more! 


Why Choose T-Cat Enterprise Inc.?

For over 100 years we have built up our name and reputation in the are for being on time with our delivery and for providing the best materials companies trust. We are also a trusted partner with some of the biggest names in the industry for stone and dirt.  Our business is a family owned business that knows the importance that each business needs to show their clients.  That is why most businesses in the area choose to get their landscaping materials from T-Cat Enterprise Inc. over any other landscape supply service in the area! 

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