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Landscaping Services Near Chicago

Did you know that you could increase your home's value 10% of more with an amazing landscaping job?  Having a beautiful exterior to your home is just as important to potential buyers as having an amazing inside. Landscaping additions to your home can also give you the chance to build your dream getaway spot right in your backyard! If you are looking for the most professional and highly rated landscaping service in the area, look no further than T-Cat Enterprise Inc.  We have the landscaping materials, vehicles, and experts, that will have your dream landscaping job done quickly and professionally. 

How We Approach Landscaping

T-Cat Enterprise Inc. is here for you every step of the way so that your landscaping job will go off without any problems and will be completed as quickly as possible.  When you choose to work with a landscaping business you want to ensure that you are both seeing the vision for your new yard on the same page. That is why we promise to work with you and lend you our expertise for your landscaping job. Here are some things to consider when you are planning out your new backyard oasis: 

1. Which Way Does Your Rain Flow:  It is important to isolate which way water drains off your yard.  This will help you isolate whether you need to incorporate a retaining wall or how your plants and flowers might be affected by the runoff.  There are several things you can do to match your landscaping with the direction the water runs off in your yard to enhance it so it lasts longer. 

2. Theme It: When it comes to the perfect landscaping job you want to make sure you are sticking to a central theme or idea in your yard.  Your theme can be decorative like "Oriental escape" or function for party entertainment.  Sticking to theme makes sure that you are choosing the best items for your yard and ensures that you will not go over budget from buying things you don't need.  A word of warning though, choose a neutral theme that you love, not something out there and your landscaping will resonate with future buyers. 

3. Connect the Dots: Your yard is an extension of your home, therefore you can plan to use your yard like little mini areas, as long as those areas are connected.  Consider how people are going to move through your yard, how people might play in your yard, how you are going to mow the lawn and other access areas for maintaining your plants and shrubs. 

4. Work With the Trees: Remember when it comes to trees that they will always grow out and taller than when you started.  Make sure that you are not planting any trees close to a sewer line so roots won't be a problem in the future.  If you are planting a tree look up and make sure it won't grow into a power line in the future, or grow out and hit your home or windows. Plants can be easily dug up and replaced, trees are a little more complicated. Tre planting and planning is always thinking 10-15 years into the future and how that tree will affect your landscaping. 

5. Plan for the Finer Details:  Landscaping can transform your yard into a dream getaway spot for you and your neighbors, therefore think about the little details as well.  Do you have existing plants that you can incorporate into the design?  Consider the smell of the plants you are planting and whether those scents might clash. There are bushes and flowers that attract different kinds of insects and wildlife, so it is important to consider that.  Finally, choose plants and flowers that will thrive with temperature fluctuations, we are in Chicago after all!

Landscaping Service Chicago 

If you need help planning out or designing your landscaping job, Trumbull is here for you! We have over 100 years of experience working with landscaping services, residential homeowners, and commercial property owners to provide them the best landscaping services in the area. Let us help you now: (630) 330-6800