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Excavation begins with a plan. We are the solution for that plan. 

T-Cat Enterprise, Inc. is fully stocked with a variety of different vehicles and tools that you need for any excavation project. Our services in excavation range from digging out foundations for commercial and residential builds. There are some dangers when it comes to excavation; always make sure that you use a professional and trusted excavation service to complete any project you have. One of the most prevalent dangers in trenching and excavations are cave-ins. This is the number one cause of accidents (which can result in deaths) when it comes to excavation jobs around the country. However, there are ways to prevent yourself, or anyone else, from getting hurt during an excavation. The best way to protect yourself is to have a qualified engineer on hand to observe the dig area for the best way to excavate the ground. T-Cat Enterprise Inc. takes care of all of this for you. Our company will work with the designer and ensure that your project is done safe and right. We call the outside walls of a trench – trench stability. Trench stability; means everything when you are working on an excavation project. There are a lot of  factors to consider which can affect trench stability such as:

  • Different Soil Types
  • Weather Occurrences
  • Moisture in the Soil or Air
  • The weight that is near the trench (also known as a surcharge)
  • Time
  • Existing Foundation
  • Previous excavation

Here are some general rules that you can rely on when it comes to excavation:

  • Watch For Heavy Equipment: You want to make sure that heavy equipment keeps away from the edge of the dig site. Since dirt and other materials can be unstable it is possible for the ground to shift and the equipment to fall into the trench causing a potentially life-threatening situation.
  • Keep Loads Under 2 feet: Since the center of gravity for the machine you are operating can be thrown off balance on a load that is greater, it is advisable to keep loads to 2 feet high.
  • Know Where Underground Utilities are Location: This is one of the most important steps to any excavation site that we work on. We will work with the city, and utility companies in your area to ensure that all the utility lines, and underground hazards, are identified and protected.
  • Inspect the Trenches: It is important to inspect the trenches you made every day especially after following a rainstorm. Therefore, you know the stability of the walls and will have fewer accidents on site during a project. NEVER WORK UNDER A RAISED LOAD.

What we do

Not only is T-Cat Enterprise Inc. the best at excavation and snow plowing service in the tri-state area, we also offer additional services as well. When you call T-Cat Enterprise Inc. you know you can rely on the best.


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